Expat Living award winner

feng shui master silver award

  over 3,200 readers can’t be wrong my heartfelt gratitude for your votes  

home feng shui

home feng shui

  is your home feng shui outdated? update your home with logic today 

why bazi reading

bazi master chan

  bazi reading is not wearing “lucky” amulets  but to rediscover and redefine your potential

feng shui myths

feng shui myths

  14 feng shui myths what u know about feng shui maybe untrue

business feng shui

office feng shui

  why businesses seek feng shui help don’t get left behind

key collection

key collection

omg feng shui  is not progressing with objectivity in science  

home buying feng shui tips

home feng shui tips

  what to know before buying a house don’t end up buying a sick home

Home Wealth sector

feng shui home wealth sector

  6 different Quality of Wealth  less is more

Qi Men Dun Jia

qi men dun jia 8 doors

  why QMDJ is an accurate forecasting tool revisit meanings of 奇门遁甲 

feng shui study

feng shui study area

  4 simple D.I.Y. methods to help your child study better


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