significant improvement in 2 months time

Dear Master Lawrence,
Good day to you, Its been about 3 months since the first time you visit my house for a fengshui audit.  I can see significant improvement in 2 months time.  Not only did I sleep better now, my relationship with my partner has improve so much.  I am so grateful for all your advised.  Your fengshui report is very professional, easy to understand, the material that you have advised us to buy is cheap and easy to find.  Which saved us a great deal of money.  You have even helped me to see my office sitting position to determine the cause of me being sick often.  Thank you so much Master.  I have hired some other feng shui master before for my previous house.  But I have never encountered before someone like you who is friendly, helpful, honest and most important, very accurate and professional.  I’m so grateful to have you to read my house fengshui.  Once again, thank you and I appreciate it so much. Recommended feng shui master in Singapore.

Warmest Regards
Ms Teo


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