he was right and spot-on

i was introduced to Master Chan through a friend. i was told that he did her house feng shui and her family’s health have improved and her dad’s temper has simmer down, moreover her mum strike lottery for the unit number.

Initially i took her comments with a pinch of salt. the feng shui audit was quite long about 3 hours in total, he told me that my house destiny is pretty bad, chances of sickness, quarrels, surgeries, accidents, food poisoning are high especially for 2013 & this year. My birth profile Luck is also going downhill. He told me that the main issue is my home destiny, main door and our bed positions. Personally i find him candid and doesn’t really like what i am hearing but have to admit that he was right and spot-on about the situations we were in.

Me and my son just got out from surgery and my wife is constantly bickering about me. He introduces cures, told us to take down all the red stuff, coins, tortise, dragon, amethyst cave, commercial feng shui items that the previous master sold us.  

Unlike the previous lady Singapore feng shui master that i consulted who is always talking on the phone and in a rush; Master Chan is patient and even provide a detailed report explaining the remedies and the locations to place it. His cures are simple things like plants, coins, pebbles, stone, re-positioning of our beds which i am happy to do so as i don’t have to buy feng shui products.

After about 2 weeks i can see that family harmony have improved and our health got better. Master Chan thank you very much for your patience with me that i am skeptical and asked you so many questions about feng shui and bazi. i would definitely refer you to my friends.

Simon Lee.


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