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Master Chan i cannot resist but to say i am very impressed with the feng shui audit that you carried out for my family. As you are aware i have consulted quite a few masters before you and find their advices impractical. One of them specify where to place the washing machine, fridge, microwave oven, it looks odd and inconvenient. But more importantly it does not work and my family members fall sick one after another and my husband even fall down from a ladder trying to change a light bulb. Another one asked me to tilt the Main Door stating that i will be able to find a job very soon (retrenched for 6 months).  He even asked me to buy a horse and told us not to cook and use the common toilet because that is the wealth area? Again it does not work.

After consulting you, you told us to make the main door straight and following your other advices for the master room, kitchen and toilet; not only did i find a better pay job but my loved ones are not sick anymore. My mother is happier because she get to cook and all of us can use the common toilet. All in all i must say that although the remedies that you recommend seem simple at first but it works. Your advices have been very practical, scientific and your bazi tips has help me to find the right job that i really like. My colleague will be calling you to do his new DBSS flat that she is collecting the keys in 2 weeks time. Thank you very much Master Chan.

Lee Peng


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