I finally found a job

Couple of years back was the darkest point of my life. After been retrenched I have been struggling to get a job. I am in my mid-40s now and in Singapore without having a degree it is difficult to get hired. I have tried nearly all the job agencies in Singapore and through friends…but It has been almost 1 year and I still could not find a job. In between I worked as a part-timer in MacDonald and coffee shop just to make ends meet.

One day, one of the coffee shop regular customers asked me to check out Master Chan to see whether feng shui can help me. Now looking back, it is the luckiest moment in my life.

Feeling awkward as I have not consulted a feng shui master before but still I make the bold move to do so. After 1 month following Master Chan’s advice and recommendations on my house feng shui; I finally found a job and the salary is above my expectations given my age and experience. Ever since then I have consulted Master Chan my life’s future bazi as well. He is very friendly and patient with me. I have learned not only fengshui from him but other things about life as well. Till today he still keep in touch with me once a while. He is fantastic. Thank you, Master Chan!


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