Audit for Corporate office feng shui

Our company just got a new 20,000 square feet premise and was introduced to Master Chan – Feng Shui Master Pte Ltd through an Interior designer that we engaged.  After going through the office he sort out the various key department at various sectors. There are some major changes in the sitting arrangement where we need to seek approval from our regional office. He explained the rationale for the arrangement and placement of items although we did not fully comprehend the principles behind.

We find it tedious because of the changes but in the end we follow-through based on his advice. His applications are simple like water feature, pebbles that lay in a particular structure and some bronze sheet. We were happy that he does not used any feng shui products. The report was emailed in pdf format about 10 pages long and came in 2 days without bothering us with too many feng shui jargon as he had already gone through during onsite. The report were straight to the point with pictures of the items to purchase on our own. He also given us dates to renovate and shift in.

So far after about 3 months things were smooth in our office and in between we did checked with him some details on the placement and items used. He is flexible and firm at the same time pointing out certain items have to conform for the benefits of our Company.

i must say that his approach to audit our corporate office fengshui is professional and his recommendations are modern and simple to execute. Thank you Master Chan.

Esther Chan-Executive Secretary and Office Manager


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