bazi accuracy of Master Chan

Master Chan’s bazi accuracy

I came across Master Chan’s fengshui website by accident while looking up annual stars/ Feng Shui 2015. I was curious to find out about Bazi Profiling after reading the very interesting articles on his website, and decided to obtain one for my son who happened to have started his first year in university, hoping to find more guidance to his future career path.

I was absolutely impressed with the accuracy of Master Chan’s detailing of my son’s personality traits, happy to say, in particular the positive aspects of his personality and ( unfortunately) some of the negative ones too! I was also glad that the recommendations given for his future career path (even to the aspects of locations) was surprisingly in sync with my son’s interests and strengths and therefore it has given me some assurance that he is gravitating towards the right choices he had made so far!

Any fretful mothers wanting a good guidance for their children’s career path should also consider Master Chan’s Bazi Profiling to help narrow down the best and most compatible choices for their future. I know I will be getting another profile done very soon, and this time it will be for my younger daughter!

By the way, thanks Master Chan, and perhaps in years to come hopefully I can tell you whether it all works out well based on your recommendations and advise!

Cornelia Koo
New Zealand


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