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I found about Master Chan from my online search. After going through his profile I decided to reach out to him, and many other Feng Shui Master in Singapore. Master Chan, was very responsive, courteous, and kind. He has given me many great advises since we started talking on WhatsApp even before we agreed to work together.

I decided to take consulting from Master Chan after reviewing many Feng Shui Master in Singapore. Master Chan has been very supportive. He listens to us and our family on what we need. He is very kind and courteous. He spend a lot of time with us in our new house that we bought. He gave many practical advises. For example, if the energy in a particular room wasn’t good for health and it might impact specific body part, but he also relate it to practical world with age group, gender, etc. to guide us on the right decision to make for our new house.

Master Chan is patience and really listen to us and spend a lot of time to explain us in detailed on the destiny of our house. We really enjoyed listening to our family Bazi reading with Master Chan. He doesn’t recommend anything that we can’t achieve. He recommended us on the Feng Shui items that are important for our family and they are very affordable. We would recommend Master Chan to people who are looking for Feng Shui Master in Singapore, who is patience, spend a lot of time to understand your needs, and as well as spend a lot of time to explain you in detailed on the house and family destiny. Thank you Master Chan for all your support, and guidance.


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