Master Chan is a real McCoy

Master Chan 曾 Feng Shui is a very detail precise science; only a few can understand its complexity and appreciate them.
I have met my fair game in FengShui, some are truly quacks who will suck you financially dry by buying trinkets in their stores and others uses voodoo stuff. A handful is the real tru’ McCoy and well others are like fiddlers.

Like one great grand master in Malaysia once said. FS do not use these trinkets or “voodoo stuff” to mediate trouble or trouble spots.
True Feng Shui uses elements, movements and energy to engage, enhanced or mitigate these good/bad energies.

All said & done, I’d known Master Chan since 2010 (not long enough) but I know his Feng Shui approach is a real McCoy; he’s a simplified Feng Shui Master so that his clients & audiences can understand what Feng Shui is all about.
Too much detail in Feng Shui will make you want to get 2nd and 3rd opinion (just like in some medical industry) or give up totally and took little looks like a beginner. Mst. Chan is neither; straight to the point no beating around the bush; telling you what is the impact and how to mitigate it needing very little or no elements to reinforced. Unless the energy is so extreme, he will suggest it ONLY if it’s detrimental to the occupants or owner be it 4 legged or 2 legged or any living creatures.

Now, before knowing Mst. Chan I was in such a bad shape that even those flying things avoided me a mile away, energies was so bad that I won’t be here writing this. Sad to say that my fur kid took the brunt of it but with Mst. Chan advices it survived another 11 month before making its peace. Since then things have turn for the better with Mst. Chan advice.
Not trying to blow trumpet for someone else, this is not my intent or principle but to let others know that there is a silver lining to everything. If you are comfortable with a FS Master (as I’m with him) and him/her in whatever he/she does what is good for you & your love ones go for them but like in buying any products/service it’s always BUYERS BEWARE. ALWAYS be Thankful that you’ve a “guiding angel” to help you thru’ your bad times and an invisible fiend wen in good times.

Joseph Tan


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