ordinary feng shui cure – sickness stops

We engaged Master Chan from Feng Shui Master Pte Ltd for Home Feng Shui. Our first impression was great because even before we mentioned anything, he correctly pointed out that our family have been falling sick continuously that particular year (which is odd because we are generally quite healthy). We were even more impressed after activating his ordinary feng shui cure – our sickness stops.
Master Chan spent 3 hours with us during the home feng shui audit, explaining the strength and weakness of each sector and the cures that goes with it. He also answered all our questions and generously shared his knowledge on fengshui and bazi. He even asked us to voice-record his audit so we can refer to it.
The final report is 12 pages long. We find that it is important to be presence during the audit and ask any questions you have in mind to fully leverage on his knowledge. If you are thinking of just opening the door for the audit then wait for the report, you will miss out a lot.
Master Chan is also very responsive even after our house audit. Since we were renovating our house, we need to check back frequently with him regarding the design. He always response promptly.
Overall, we find Master Chan approachable and his solution is simple but effective.

Jessie Tong


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