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Hello Master Chan thank you for seeing my office feng shui in such a short notice. Before engaging you i have consulted with other masters in Singapore and they told me to put the fish tank, ship and fortune bowl and my business have not improved.  I was pleasantly surprised when you revealed so many things that happened in my office was so true. And i have to give you credit for your honesty for reducing the price because we are unable to find out the most recent renovation done by the owner of this building.

After 1 month implementing the simple re-arrangement of our office, removing all the feng shui items used by previous masters and following your advice on adding pebbles, water-growing plants on certain areas, we were awarded a rather large contract that we have been chasing for a year. To quote from my business partner  ” you are really a sincere, respectable guy and no feng shui master in Singapore is like you to give these advices without having us to buy thousand of dollars on feng shui objects.

Me and my business partner would like to wish you luck and successful! Thank you Master Chan.

Edward Nio and Kevin Teo


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