My family is very satisfy with Master Chan’s service

Master Chan was introduced to me by my brother when he did his new house audit before renovation. I was immediately interested because things Master Chan recommended was light hearted and mostly DIY compare to some masters I heard make you buy expensive things. I engaged Master Chan in 2014 to do my home audit. When I first met him it is immediate connection, feel like we have known for years. He spend close to 3 hrs explaining and I find all make sense and logical. I got my report about a week or so and is a 12 pages report. I even requested Master Chan to come do a verification after I have done my rectifications although it is not his normal practice. He still came.
It has been 3 years now, sincerely we do find improvements in all ways. My family is very satisfy with Master Chan’s service and we have since introduced a few friends to him. I would recommend him if you want a trustworthy master.


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