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Period 9 confusion

Period 9 feng shui confusion Over the last couple of years, many were confused with the forthcoming period 9 feng shui i.e. after 04 feb 2024. Most were misinformed to “redo” their home destiny feng shui or deluded into thinking….

About Master Chan 曾

Feng Shui & Bazi Master Chan 曾 风水 八字  Master Chan 曾 positively the only feng shui master in Singapore who adopt an objective and scientific approach in feng shui & birth reading (bazi) applications. What is Feng Shui “What….

2024 feng shui forecast

2024 feng shui forecast

2024 Wood Dragon Year Perspective: Not Promising?   Understand my concern over 2024 Year of Wood Dragon 甲辰年 and how to mitigate risks. Learn how to optimize the 2024 feng shui and protect yourself against potential pitfalls. best view through….

Why Bazi reading

Why Bazi reading 子平法 An individual Bazi reading is based on the analysis of Year , Month, Day and time of birth. The Bazi reading system consist of 60 甲子 Jia Zi, comprising 10 stems 天干 and 12 roots 地支…..

11 Buying Tips for a lucky Feng Shui home

11 buying tips for a feng shui home Here are 11 basic feng shui buying tips to choose a lucky home.  First of all, choose a “positive feng shui home 吉宅” where the destiny’s energies 宅命  of the house is….

Home Destiny 宅命

What is Home Feng Shui Destiny 宅命-风水宅运 House “feng shui Destiny 宅命” is like a human Birth chart 人命 Every house possess it’s own Natal Chart 宅命. me call it “Home Feng shui Destiny Chart” of the house. A Home….

Shift in Day 入伙

Shift in day Chinese Custom 华人习俗 Shift in day is a Traditional Chinese Custom practice, technically nothing to do with feng shui. However it is imperative to choose an auspicious date and time 吉日 良辰. It is recorded in Chinese….

Key collection

Key collection, initial door opening – NO feng shui basis Based on authentic feng shui principles there is no such thing as “key-collection” ceremony or any date-selection formulas for “initial door-opening” or “key-collection”. 董公择日 黄道黑道 the Chinese almanac (通胜 / 通书/….

Destiny 宅命 vs Annual 流年

Difference between Destiny vs Annual feng shui  Many clients are confused the difference between Destiny vis-a-vis Annual feng shui   Business or Home Destiny feng shui is analogous to a “human birth natal chart”. Just like one’s birthdate, it does….

feng shui myths

15 Feng Shui Myths debunk Some of these feng shui myths seem to stay on forever since i started doing feng shui more than 20 years ago. Most of us are well educated with master’s degrees yet appalling feng shui….

Fengshui the 9th luck cycle

period 9 fengshui

the 9th luck cycle fengshui trends to lookout  Uncover what is Xuan Kong feng shui 9th Luck trends after 04 Feb 2024 for the next 20 years. Year 2024 the 9th luck cycle commences represented by I Ching is South,….

what is Feng Shui

What is Feng Shui Feng shui originates from imperial China 五术 (wu shu) 山医命相卜 covering 5 major aspects. Mountain, medicine, destiny, physiognomy and prediction. Feng shui is classify as physiognomy 相术. It has got nothing to do with religion or….

Business 5 elements

Business Feng Shui 5 elements This article is a guide to categorise individual 5 element’s characteristics. Career or business compatibility is based on your talents, education, personality and experience etc. In business feng shui the Company logo, font or colour….


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