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feng shui 2023

Feng Shui 2023 癸卯年 奇门遁甲-八门伏吟 Year of Water Rabbit commences on 04 Feb 10:43am 巳时 not CNY 初一 on 22 Jan 2023. Incorporating Annual 玄空 flying star, Qi Men Dun Jia 2023 奇门, Flying Tai Sui 真禄马贵 formulas 2023 Best….

Fate or Destiny

Bazi destiny or fate is a matter of choice These two words become interchangeable, or even synonymous. Actually there is a psychological perceived difference. Fate implies things are predetermined, without control, a natural order in Universe which cannot be altered,….

House Destiny 宅命

What is House Feng Shui Destiny 人有人命 宅有宅命 House “feng shui Destiny宅命” is birth chart of a house. Bind together on the day you move in, metaphor to a human birth chart 生辰八字(bazi) which is permanent and does not change….

be wary of top 5 feng shui masters

just wanted to share with you that recently i was invited to be the 😀  top 5 feng shui masters… this is the email correspondence for you to make a better decision you actually can be first just by “payment  😮 ”….

Sell house Faster

Feng shui sell house faster  If you need to sell your house fast, you can consider using this simple feng shui formula. Before using this formula, realistically you must first ensure your house is selling at fair market price. Because….

feng shui misconceptions

Feng Shui misconceptions Feng shui misconceptions got no place in today’s knowledge economy. At present we are able to print human organs or tissues with a 3D bio printer or manipulate our immune system to fight cancer. It is pathetic….

Chinese Birth Reading

Chinese birth reading 子平法  Chinese birth reading is a data analysis tool to raise your self-awareness, understand your value system, motivations and present a road map consisting of opportunities, detours & road blocks. There are 3 popular formulas to analyse….

Period 9 Fengshui

period 9 fengshui

Period 9 feng shui after 4 Feb 2024  Period 9 离卦火 (li gua) symbolism 外实 内虚  emerging trends cryptocurrency, digital asset, online shopping It is all about timing based on San Yuan principles 三元九运! After 4 Feb 2024 for the….

Business Feng Shui Tips

Business Feng Shui Tips 商业风水 Business feng shui thrives on Negative energies  斗三煞 Unlike home feng shui where T junctions, Junctions are view as nightmares, business feng shui particularly retail industry thrives on bad energies. In retail business, shops facing….

Feng Shui Remedies

Feng Shui Remedies make simple Instead of dressing your home or office like a Chinese restaurant with good luck charms, authentic feng shui 正宗风水 doesn’t work like that. There are 2 major types of “negative” feng shui energy. The visible….

C section date selection

Caesarean Birth service (c section) If natural birth is not possible one is given a choice to choose a birth date and time for c-section, or cesarean section. Instead of leaving it to chance, one can select the most favourable….

11 Buying Tips for a lucky Feng Shui home

11 buying tips for a feng shui home Here are 11 basic feng shui buying tips to choose a lucky home.  First of all buying a “good feng shui home” is not solely based on compatibility with occupants’ bazi profile….

Feng Shui science

feng shui science

feng shui not getting better with science 风水东方之科学 Sad to say today’s fengshui practice is not progressing with science. Some still believed in the appalling ritual of pineapple rolling on Key Collection day or deposit money on Li Chun or….


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