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FAQ Q1. Hi, we are moving into a new apartment later this summer. May I know how Master Chan charges for a feng shui audit? What is the type of fengshui that u will be practicing? Charges of feng shui….

bad luck how?

How do we respond to bad luck? What if you are make aware that your bazi structure or 10-year luck pillar or annual luck indication is bad. Most masters will probably advise you to wear your lucky colours, directions, amulets,….

Business Feng Shui Destiny

Business (office) feng shui Destiny 商业风水宅命 When i started doing feng shui 20 years ago, the term “Office’s innate Destiny Energy 宅命 Chart” is unheard of.  An office destiny chart is like human birth chart. It reveals the strengths and….

2024 feng shui forecast

2024 feng shui forecast

2024 Wood Dragon Not promising 一动不如一静 2024 Year of Wood Dragon 甲辰年 is a very bad year. Filled with mishaps, freak accidents, natural disaster, stagnant economy etc. Learn how to optimize the 2024 feng shui and protect yourself against potential….

Home Destiny 宅命

What is Home Feng Shui Destiny 宅命-风水宅运 Home “feng shui Destiny 宅命” is like a human Birth natal chart 人命 Every home possess it’s own unique Natal Chart 宅命. Me call it “Home Feng shui Destiny Chart” of the house…..

Auspicious Date is Significant

Why auspicious date selection is important Many ignore the significance of choosing an auspicious date for important events such as renovation, move-in, wedding etc. The repercussions for choosing a bad date and time can have a damaging long term effect….

why feng shui

Why feng shui audit if our birth chart (fate) is fixed the day we were born. Most people have the misunderstanding that “feng shui” is a “life-changing” experience. It is NOT! It improves your opportunities to realise your life goals…..

Shift in Day 入伙

Shift in day Chinese Custom 华人习俗 It is imperative to choose an auspicious date and time 吉日 良辰 to move into your new home. The traditional method is to follow the Chinese almanac (黄历) dates that are compatible with occupants’….

Feng Shui tips

Here are some handy feng shui tips for you to unlock positive energy into your home without engaging a feng shui master. 1.Keep your house clean and tidy. Start small and form a daily habit. (a) Categorise things or belongings….

Fengshui the 9th luck cycle

feng shui period 9

the 9th luck cycle of fengshui – Fire element 离卦 五行火 Uncover the secrets of 三元 feng shui 9th Luck Cycle trends from 04 Feb 2024 to 04 Feb 2044. Understand the trends that may help you to decide your career….

Period 9 confusion

Period 9 feng shui confusion Over the last couple of years, many were confused with the forthcoming period 9 feng shui i.e. after 04 feb 2024. Most were misinformed to “redo” their home destiny feng shui or deluded into thinking….

About Master Chan 曾

Feng Shui & Bazi Master Chan 曾 风水 八字  Master Chan 曾 positively the only feng shui master in Singapore who adopt an objective and scientific approach in feng shui & birth reading (bazi) applications. What is Feng Shui “What….

Why Bazi reading

Why Bazi reading 子平法 An individual Bazi reading is based on the analysis of Year , Month, Day and time of birth. The Bazi reading system consist of 60 甲子 Jia Zi, comprising 10 stems 天干 and 12 roots 地支…..


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