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Office Feng shui

Office Feng shui Singapore Some Companies failed to realised the value of business feng shui. I have clients who invested on a 5 year lease, spent hundreds of thousands on renovation only to discover that their business went down hill….

Business Feng Shui Tips

Business Feng Shui Tips Here are some business feng shui 商业风水 tips to help you. Internal physical layout affecting “Yin Yang principle” of business feng shui Do not choose a shop or office layout that is long and deep.  A….

feng shui buildings

Feng Shui buildings Structure of a building can be categorize into 1 of the 5 elements i.e. earth, metal, water, wood and fire. Certain building structures are good for business start-ups while others for established ones. 5 element Building shapes….

Retail fengshui

Retail feng shui Bad energy is welcome by retailing businesses 若要发, 斗三煞 With the current sluggish consumer demand in retail business, yet shops are still springing up like mushrooms. One surprising fact contrary to home feng shui is that retail….

Job survival tips

Job survival – feng shui tips Some of my good old clients asked me for some 2014 feng shui job survival tips to prevent retrenchment. Rising business cost in Singapore has make it impossible for an employee to have their….

Business 5 elements

business feng shui 5 elements

Business Feng Shui 5 elements In business feng shui, your brand, logo and colour scheme can be classify under 5 elements. One can use this 5 element formula to complement your office fengshui. The 5 elements are wood, water, metal,….

feng shui layout

Feng Shui Layout Majority of people thought that the Accounts / Finance Dept is the most important function of an office because they handle the “wealth” aspects of the business. However think about it further, wealth must be generated before….


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