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Office Feng shui

Office Feng shui Singapore Most Companies failed to realised the importance of business feng shui. Some of my clients invested on a 5 year lease, spent a few hundred thousand on renovation only to discover that their business went down….

Business Feng Shui Tips

Business Feng Shui Tips Here you will find more business feng shui 商业风水 tips  that may help you to develop a thriving business. Internal physical layout for business feng shui “YIN YANG PRINCIPLE” This was discussed previously in Office Feng….

Workplace Feng Shui

Work place Feng Shui energy We spend one-third of our life to self-actualise our dream in our workplace. Yet the irony is office feng shui does not gain enough attention as home feng shui. The world is getting smaller with….

Retail shop

Singapore Retail shop feng shui principles Besides the usual principles to select a good business retail unit are location, foot-traffic, size, wide frontage, rental, anchor tenant, you also have to check the Singapore LTA and Master plan on zoning and road….

wealth energy 斗三煞

Business feng shui transform bad energy to wealth energy Unlike home feng shui, business feng shui sometimes welcome bad energies or sha qi  煞气! The stronger the negative energy and if done properly with the relevant remedy the greater the….

Job survival tips

Job survival – workstation feng shui tips Some of good old clients asked me for some 2014 survival tips to keep their job in view of the corporate restructuring and rising retrenchment. Rising business cost in Singapore has make it….

Business 5 elements

Business Feng Shui In business feng shui, the brand, logo and colour scheme do have an impact on the success of a business other than the birth profile of the owner and the destiny of the office. The colours and….

feng shui layout

Feng Shui Layout Majority of people thought that the Accounts / Finance Dept is the most important function of an office because they handle the “wealth” aspects of the business. However think about it further, wealth must be generated before….


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