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Retail fengshui

Retail feng shui Bad energy is welcome in retail business 若要发, 斗三煞 One contradicting fact from home feng shui is retail feng shui welcomes “bad energy” 煞气. The better you are able to manage the bad energy the better will….

Business 5 elements

Business Feng Shui 5 elements In business feng shui, your brand, logo and colour scheme can be classify under 5 elements. One can use this 5 element formula to complement your office fengshui. The 5 elements are wood, water, metal,….

Business Feng Shui Tips

Business Feng Shui Tips 商业风水 Business feng shui thrives on Negative energies  斗三煞 For retail businesses located along the roads it is good feng shui that the main entrance faces a road junction or even bad landforms! The “catch” to….

feng shui architecture

Feng Shui architecture 峦头为体,理气为用 Based on “form feng shui” theories, architecture of a building can be categorize into 1 of the 5 elements i.e. earth, metal, water, wood and fire. Certain architecture of the buildings are good for business start-ups….

Water Position

Feng shui water position Feng shui water activation is one of the fastest way to attract wealth but one need to neutralise any negative energy first by checking your “office destiny fengshui” and other feng shui formulas. To quote feng….

office layout

Feng Shui office layout Finding a good feng shui office layout is simple and good business for a Company. If the shape of your office is irregular with missing sectors, first it is impractical and second the missing area could….


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