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Myths and Taboos

Feng Shui myths and taboos Not sure when it started there are people who queue up just to bank in their money on 立春 the commencement of spring season which is generally on the 4th or 5th February every year…..

About Master Chan

Feng Shui Singapore Master Chan 曾 “positively the only feng shui master in Singapore that improvise scientific methods to update authentic feng shui principles” Master Chan learned about feng shui in 1994 out of interest and soon developed into a….


Altar – feng shui perspective First of all home feng shui and religion is unrelated. Based on feng shui perspective, altar placement is of paramount importance because it is like inviting a “VIP” to reside in your house. For those….

Feng Shui 2018

Feng Shui 2018 tips – get the best home energy 04 feb 2018 卯时 05.28am marks the commencement of “Earth Dog 戊戌年”. Both the stem and root are Yang Earth干支同气. This year will benefit the most to those Birth profile lucky….

Tips to buy a lucky Feng Shui home

Tips to buy a lucky home Here are some feng shui tips to look at the physical properties of the house to help you to choose a lucky home. It “solely” examine the physical properties 峦头. Two key areas of….

2017 Job Survival

Office Feng Shui – 2017 Career/Job survival Year 2016 have been challenging times for most Singaporeans. Headlines like this is scary “Two-thirds of Singapore’s economy is already in technical recession” Here are some survival tips to ride through 2017 economy….


Feng Shui Frequently Asked Question Is it advisable to install Ceiling fan in feng shui? i really find this absurd even up till today there are still clients who asked me about ceiling fan being bad feng shui because is….

2017 home feng shui

2017 Home Feng Shui forecast The arabic numbers in black are the bad flying stars. The WORST SECTOR IS SOUTH – Misfortune 5 follow by Northwest – Sickness 2, West – Quarrelsome 3 and Southwest – Burglary/gossip 7. One have….

Fate or Destiny

Birth profile can it be change Over the years most clients would ask me this question when they realised that life isn’t great for them. “Can i change my fate? or Destiny?” The answer is actually “yes” and “no”. “Yes”….

Feng Shui Direction

Feng Shui Direction/Facing A lot of my clients are curious over the “degree” use to calculate the 宅命 Home Destiny.  My clients pointed out to me some confusion over what they read via web. Here i attempt to explain but….

Science it with Feng Shui

Feng Shui audit an objective approach with “Science” We are in the 21st century, yet time and again i see houses filled “commercial feng shui” such as dragons, unicorns, “invented” annual feng shui items by self-indulgent feng shui masters. Most do….

Office Feng Shui Destiny

Office feng shui 宅命 Destiny When i first started doing feng shui on adhoc basis some 20 years ago, not many Singaporeans heard of the term “宅命” in feng shui translate literally in English means “Destiny”. Feng Shui “Destiny” is like….

2016 Feng Shui

2016 Feng Shui Forecast The year of the zodiac sign Monkey commences on 04 February 17:47 hour (commencement of Spring season) which marks the beginning of 2016 feng shui. Over the last 3 years 巳午未 (snake, horse, goat) it was….


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