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Annual vs Destiny fengshui

Difference between Destiny 宅命 feng shui vs Annual feng shui 流年风 Many readers are confused with Flying Star Destiny feng shui as compared to Annual feng shui. It is actually quite simple, the effectiveness one is “long term-20 years” and….

Key collection

Key collection – Door Opening No such feng shui principle If one is to follow authentic feng shui guidelines, there is no such thing as choosing an auspicious date for “initial door-opening” or “key-collection ceremony”. To verify whether such feng….

2019 feng shui

Ushering 2019 year of Earth Pig astrological sign 己亥年 04 Feb 2019 11.15 am marks the commencement of Pig Zodiac Year. Babies born before this date belongs to the year of the Dog & on/after this date belongs to the….

8 Feng Shui Tips

How to Feng Shui your home – 8 tips Tip 1 Look into the Annual rotation of the Flying Star every year Good feng shui is not static but dynamic. It is “timing” just like one’s luck. Thus if you….

Bazi Lucky Element DIY

How to find out your own Bazi Lucky Element To find out your Birth Profile lucky element 八字用神 is one of the most difficult task in Bazi Reading. Many clients requested me to provide a quick method to identify Birth….

Fengshui Period 9(2024)

Feng shui period 9 三元玄空 “九运” We are coming to the end of period 8 and recently most of my old clients asked me “do we need to shift out after year 2024?” Well it is true that for another….

Myths and Taboos faq

Feng Shui faq myths and taboos Thank you for submitting the queries. Here are the answers. Li Chun Bank in money brings good luck Not sure how this feng shui principle started, there are people who will queue up just….

About Master Chan

Feng Shui Singapore Master Chan  “positively the only feng shui master in Singapore who adopt an objective approach and scientific methodology to update classical feng shui principles” “What is Feng Shui?” obviously not about placing Feng Shui items all over….


Altar – feng shui perspective First of all home feng shui and religion is unrelated. So not having an altar at home does not mean that your home is bad feng shui. Altar placement based on feng shui principles is….

Feng Shui 2018

Feng Shui 2018 tips – Better Luck Birth months 7/8 Nov to 04 Jan lucky this year & sluggish stock market 04 feb 2018 卯时 05.28am marks the commencement of “Earth Dog 戊戌年”. Both the stem and root are Yang Earth干支同气thus….

Tips to buy a lucky Feng Shui home

Introductory tips to buy a lucky feng shui home Here are some basic feng shui principles to help you to choose a good fengshui home.  Classical feng shui states that physical forms i.e. environment act as the framework and energy….

2017 Job Survival

Office Feng Shui – 2017 Career/Job survival Year 2016 have been challenging times for most Singaporeans. Headlines like this is scary “Two-thirds of Singapore’s economy is already in technical recession” Here are some survival tips to ride through 2017 economy….

2017 home feng shui

2017 Home Feng Shui forecast The arabic numbers in black are the bad flying stars. The WORST SECTOR IS SOUTH – Misfortune 5 follow by Northwest – Sickness 2, West – Quarrelsome 3 and Southwest – Burglary/gossip 7. One have….


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