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Bazi Character

Bazi Character (心性与性格) who we really are Generic traits and character is a complex subject. Why do we need to understand our generic traits心性 and character 性格? Reasons are to understand our inner passion, motivations, strengths, weaknesses, so as to….

Love 桃花

Love or peach blossom 桃花 does not apply only to finding marriage but one can use it to improve likability. In feng shui there are certain methods to improve chances of meeting your potential spouse. It is known as “tao….

Baby Name & Parent

Auspicious baby name overrides parents bazi compatibility Some parents were surprised that baby name supersede the importance of parents birth profile compatibility. Selection of an auspicious chinese baby name is unconditional act of love from parents. The best way why….


Feng shui family bonding Family bonding can be a challenging task here i attempt to use feng shui to improve harmony of the environment to bring the end result. As a local born Singaporean, i have seen much progress in….

feng shui study area

4 methods to feng shui your child’s study area 文昌 A good feng shui study area help your child to focus. Listed are 4 simple methods and tips to help your child’s learning abilities. The usual feng shui cliché for….


Feng Shui Career Success Tips Have you ever wonder given the same job, with the same qualifications and experiences why some of your peers got promoted and you are not? Do you feel that you are undervalued and under-appreciated? This….


Feng shui health tips Better Health means better Wealth with Feng Shui! A lot of new feng shui clients of FSM when consult me always wanted to know where is the wealth sector, nothing wrong with that. However one did….

Chinese Name

Why it is important to choose an auspicious Chinese name for your child? In order to compensate for  inadequacy in a child’s 5-Element configuration 八字喜忌用神. Life is not perfect so are we. One’s birth chart is never flawless. Over so….


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